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A story you won’t believe because it isn’t true.


© 1971 and 2023, The Holy Grail Press, Portland, Oregon

Once there was a happy little family named Pizza.  In this happy little family there were five kids and a Mama and Papa.  There were Papa, Mama, Giovoni, Ravioli, Romona, Celest, and Sam.


They all lived together in a big house on the corner of 12th and 13th.


Papa had a good job and made  plenty of money cleaning out cesspools, and Mama stayed home and cleaned the house so it could get dirty again.


All the children went to the Big School on the Corner every day.


One day Papa broke his leg at work and Mama went to see him at the hospital.  While she was gone, the house caught on fire and burnt to the ground before a general alarm could be sounded.

Now the family was in trouble.  They weren’t happy anymore.  Papa couldn’t work because of his leg.  Mama couldn’t work, either, because she was expecting another child.  Romona and Celest couldn’t work because they had to stay with Mama and Papa, and they were too young.  And Sam couldn’t work because he wouldn’t get off of his head.  The first thing they had to do was get a new house, so Giovoni went and got some money from the bank.


Then they bought a new home and everyone moved in.


To make money while Papa was down, Ravioli took in laundry, and Giovoni “played” his “violin.”


Finally Papa got well and went back to work cleaning out cesspools, so now Ravioli didn’t need to take in the laundry, and Giovoni didn’t need to play his violin.


Although the family got back up on their feet they soon ran into trouble again because Mama had the baby, and Papa couldn’t pay the doctor bills or feed him.


It all worked out, though, and the happy little family lived happily ever after.

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