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This is Leonard McNurtle, but everybody at where he works calls him Mr. McNurtle.  Well, some people just call him McNurtle, and a few call him a @!?#%!!, but usually not to his face.


Mr. McNurtle works at the Jimmy Carter High School, where he teaches nothing else than freshman English, all day long, 175 days a year.  He’s done that now for 17 years.


Of course, the students made Mr. McNurtle’s job worth it.  That, and the support of his administrator.


One morning Leonard woke up and he just couldn’t do it anymore.


So he sent his cat, Webster, to school for him.


Webster did quite well, while Leonard sat in his underwear, drank beer, and watched TV all day long.


That’s pretty much the whole story.  Mr. Webster went to work every day, and no one cared, except a few of the students who got scratched.  After 21 years Mr. Webster retired (which was only three in cat years), so they gave him a watch and sent him home to stay.

And Leonard... he was still asleep in front of the TV with a can of beer in his hand.


And I suppose he still is.

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